ISA’s Assessments, Counselling and Training solutions

For school students

The ISA LIFE Assessment is a biometric assessment meant for students of all grades and helps them (their parents and teachers) in identifying their innate abilities and inclinations, on the basis of which they can attain authentic learning and make wise decisions while choosing subjects and planning for their careers and professions.

The information revealed through Multiple Intelligence testing has significance through-out the life-span of an individual as the natural abilities of any individual remains intact from the pre-natal stages of life till the end.

The LIFE report customised for each student, covers the following parameters

  • Personality type: Facilitating an individual to gain insight into their inner characteristics and traits.
  • Learning modalities: Assessing the learning styles of students and adapting to classroom activities and study habits according to their learning style.
  • Brain dominance: Providing valuable clues to the subject’s thinking patterns and behaviour.
  • Multiple intelligence: Developing strengths and improving limitations of an individual by introducing distinct types of intelligence of varying degrees.
  • Acquiring sensitivities: Helping an individual to identify his motivation to work and learn something new.

ISA offers a sustained engagement model for educational institutions to fully realise the benefits of this solution. We set up a Counselling center in the school premises, link the advisories to STEAM initiatives, coach teachers to deliver with custom learning tools, recommend appropriate interventions et al

ISA also proposes a Multiple Intelligence Lab in schools.

Our assessment solutions include:

  • Life Interpretive Analysis for students
  • Professional Interpretive Analysis for professional/teachers/seniors

A brief

The solution has been developed over 5 years of dedicated collaborative global research, based on a unique mix of physical biometric study – dermatoglyphics and co-related to unique behavioral biometric patterns and psychometrics.

This is a sustained ACT (Assessment, counselling and training) intervention and is governed by counselling sessions, parent engagement, course corrections in teaching methodologies, STEAM learning and empowered learning; and is administered through biometric assessments and personal interviews. In cases of senior students, teachers and professionals, psychometric assessment tools are utilised.

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(Individual cases are also accepted at our regional centers)