India STEM Alliance (ISA) is a peer-group body that conducts research in the STEM domain and supports design, development and promotion‎ of learning frameworks, quality and compliance models and solutions.

It works closely with the education scientists, academics, researchers and students to collect data and deliver analyses for the STEM community.

The Premise

Taking a cue from the country’s huge education spread across diverse regions, pedagogical methodologies, cultures, languages and the feedback received from diverse stakeholder groups, the alliance established a research project on ‘STEM within the confines of a curriculum’ to assess whether STEM learning was feasible or beneficial when not linked to the structured schooling systems. Based on the nationwide peer-supported and volunteer-assisted fact-finding quest, it was understood that a body be constituted that would support the efforts being undertaken by different agencies and establish a sustainable STEM ecosystem that would achieve the key results desired by schools and parents alike.

Since its inception, the alliance has supported and endorsed schools, learning solution providers and ed-tech startups that have supported a value transformation in learning outcomes.

ISA Advisory Board

ISA’s efforts are guided by the participation of an expert body that has representations from diverse group of stakeholders and with a global perspective. In addition, an independent body of reviewers is engaged for specific projects.

ISA Teams

ISA is made up of a group of individuals passionate about STEAM subjects! We came together from backgrounds in industry, academia and youth education to address the serious gaps which exist in these areas of the education system, including the widening shortfall of highly qualified STEAM graduates, and in particular graduates who can think both critically and creatively. We wanted to develop a sustainable model to plug the gap in the market for appropriate, innovative, commercially viable solutions.