Our Mission statement is to have every child in every school in India become an inventor and/or entrepreneur, once, better twice, and instill problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and creativity skills for life – through inventing, innovating, and entrepreneurial activities. A joint initiative in India by India STEM Alliance and The Henry Ford.

The Invention Convention program is designed to activate a project-based learning curriculum through school, state and national showcase events. Students learn:

  • To think critically by identifying problems in their world.
  • The impact of inventions in their lives.
  • To apply STEM, invention and entrepreneurial skills building real-world solutions

Invention education challenges the workforce of tomorrow to unlock real-world skills for identifying problems, sharing solutions and implementing ideas.

Introduce students to the world of true project based learning and cultivate a love of learning STEM concepts from the very start.

Young children use core skills in aesthetically beautiful challenges. Design process and fabrication of scale models develops logical decision-making. Students build spatial awareness; use math skills in real world challenges; develop problem-solving tools; increase manual dexterity and focus on attention to detail.  All materials are correlated to Common Core Language Arts, Common Core Mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards.

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CareerInSTEM is the world’s leading provider of engaging STEM career resources. We bridge the divide between school and work, turning schools into STEM pipelines.

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